Reza Abbaschian, William R. Johnson, Jr. Family Professor and dean of the Bourns College of Engineering, will be honored for more than four decades of seminal contributions to the field at the Materials Science & Technology (MS&T) Conference and Exhibition Oct. 17 to 21 in Houston.

Abbaschian will be recognized through a special event titled, A Symposium in Honor of Professor Reza Abbaschian: Processing, Crystal Growth and Phase Equilibrium of Advanced Materials.

It will address recent advancements and challenges in science and technologies related to materials processing, crystal growth, and phase equilibrium of nanocrystalline materials, fine and course-grain alloys, intermetallics, and metal- and intermetallic-matrix composites.

Abbaschian is a fellow and former president of ASM International, the largest materials society in the world. Its membership now exceeds 36,000 materials scientists and engineers from around the globe.

It is also a co-sponsor of the symposium honoring Abbaschian.

Abbaschian earned his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 1971.

Prior to joining BCOE at UC Riverside in 2005 as dean of engineering and distinguished professor of mechanical engineering, he was chairman of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida.

Abbaschian has authored or co-authored more than 230 scientific publications and eight books and is named on four patents.

At the Bourns College of Engineering, Abbaschian was instrumental in the creation of the interdepartmental Materials Science and Engineering Program, which began in 2007 and graduated its first students in 2010, and in the construction of the new $56 million Materials Science and Engineering Building.

At the conference, Abbaschian will also be recognized for his many contributions to such topics as phase diagrams, powder processing of composites, solidification and melting kinetics, high pressure-high temperature growth of diamonds, supercooling and containerless processing of stable and metastable structures, and the role of interfaces on the process and properties of materials.