UC Riverside has added two new areas of Scotland to the family.

The new campus apartments near an arroyo at the northeast corner of campus will be called Glen Mor. The four-story complex includes 505 student beds arranged in one-, two- and four-bedroom apartments around a courtyard. It includes three recreational playing fields and a market/grill that will serve both Glen Mor and Pentland Hills residents.

“Glen Mor bisects the Scottish Highlands, so it seemed an appropriate name for an area bisected by an arroyo,” said Andy Plumley, director of housing services for UC Riverside.

Housing services recently purchased an existing 220-unit apartment complex formerly known as Highlander Ridge for $31.4 million. Plumley said that complex will be named Falkirk, for the location of a famous battle in 1298 when King Edward I defeated William Wallace.

It will be used for general student housing initially. Over time, it could be used in a variety of ways, including family housing, Greek housing, graduate housing or any other special group housing, Plumley said.

The tradition of naming housing buildings after places in Scotland began with the first residence hall, Aberdeen-Inverness, which opened in 1959. It is named for two Scottish port cities.

Lothian Residence Hall opened in 1963 and was named for the Lothian Borders in the south of Scotland. Bannockburn, which was originally an off-campus housing facility before the university purchased it, is named after a famous battle site.

Residents from past years have selected the names of all recent housing buildings, which include Stonehaven apartments and the Pentland Hills residence hall.

They must choose the name from the map of Scotland, said Plumley.

“We’re the Highlanders and we like our Scottish names,” he said. “We won’t run out of new names any time soon.”