UCR’s effort to launch a School of Medicine (SOM) is now entering its final stages of business planning.

Several work groups led by longtime campus figures, community leaders, as well as people hired especially for their expertise in planning medical school programs, will meet regularly to plan the financial structure, the relationships with local medical facilities, and the classrooms and offices needed on campus.

“This process will be an inclusive effort, involving the faculty and staff, campus leadership, community business leaders and the local medical community,” said Robert Grey, UCR’s acting chancellor. “As we progress in our planning efforts, the collaboration of UCR team members and the local community will be the key to delivering the highest quality School of Medicine to Inland California.”

Grey, who was the chief administrator in charge of the UC Davis School of Medicine, said he is committed to the effort.

“I will personally lead the executive committee, which will include EVC/Provost Ellen Wartella and Vice Chancellor Gretchen Bolar,” said Grey.

They will meet weekly to make sure the planning is on track.

The campus has also hired Deloitte Consulting to help speed the effort to establish work groups, advisory groups and a project infrastructure.

The following people have agreed to serve as work group leaders:

  • Associate Dean Neal Schiller – Administration, Finance and Student Affairs Work Group Chair

  • Professor Emeritus and Vice Chancellor of Research Richard Luben – Capital Planning and Facilities Work Group Chair

  • Department Chair and Distinguished Professor Jerry Schultz – Research Enterprise Work Group Chair

  • Dean Craig Byus – Academic Work Group Chair

  • Clinical Professor Stewart Shankel, M.D. – Clinical and Clerkships Work Group Chair

  • Consultant Phyllis Guze, M.D. – GME and Affiliations Work Group Chair

  • Vice Chancellor Gretchen Bolar – Business Modeling and Design Committee

To see planning documents, news coverage and background on the leaders of UCR’s medical school effort, visit the newly revamped Medical School Web site at www.medschool.ucr.edu.