This August, the Riverside Mayor’s Office launched an updated version of “Stomping Grounds: A College Student’s Guide to Riverside.” “Stomping Grounds: is a student-oriented entertainment guide, created entirely by students. It highlights some of Riverside’s most unique places to visit.

The booklet includes listings of restaurants, parks, shopping and entertainment, including museums, theatres and festivals in Riverside. Stomping Grounds also provides Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) bus routes to each venue, and indicates which places offer special events and live entertainment.

Stomping Grounds, which was originally published in 2003, is designed to make sure Riverside-area college students get the most that they can out of Riverside. Five students were hired to develop a guide that reflects students’ interests and introduces them to Riverside “hot spots.”

This year, five Riverside students redesigned the publications, including UCR students Kat Sanchez and Vanessa Fulladosa, as well as a student from California Baptist University, La Sierra University and Riverside Community College.

This year’s guide was funded with donations from RTA, University Village and Mission Grove Plaza.

The “Stomping Grounds” booklet will be distributed to each campus in Riverside, as well as locations throughout the city. It is also available at