Name: Darryl Stevens

Department: The UCR Career Center

Job: Assistant director, counseling and career development services.

Length of employment at UCR: I am beginning my ninth year.

My work: My unit is responsible for a wide range of counseling, seminars, workshops and other educational opportunities to help students think about and explore careers and prepare for their first job or graduate school application.

Things you should know: I graduated from the University of Mississippi with degrees in English and philosophy. In 1979, I came to California on a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship to study philosophy and religion, and to consider a vocation as an Episcopal priesthood. I was going to stay for three years and return to Mississippi ... obviously after 30 years I should rethink that plan. While on an internship, I began working with families in disadvantaged neighborhoods. I took a leave of absence from my academics to work full time with gang-involved kids from East and South Central L.A. I returned to graduate school to complete a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling. After graduation, I took a job at Orange County Mental Health and eventually ran their partial hospitalization program. In 1988, I began my Ph.D. program at USC, where I became fascinated with how we become who we are professionally and other areas of career development. In 1993, I became an assistant professor in a small liberal arts college and taught psychology and counseling for the next 10 years. I arrived at UCR in 2002 to work with Ph.D. students. My role has morphed over the years and I have accepted responsibility for technology in our office as well. I have been lucky to have opportunities just “happen” to me throughout my career and I try to remind students that most often life is about what you actually do, not what you planned to do.