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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 7, Number 4 | February 23, 2011

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One Thing For Sure: Serious Cuts Coming
Chancellor White asks all on campus to be involved in the difficult choices that need to take place to deal with proposed budget cuts.
At a town hall meeting Feb. 9 at the HUB, Chancellor Timothy P. White said proposed state budget cuts to the University of California would mean significant sacrifices in the near term. But if made correctly, those cuts could make the campus healthier in the long term.
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From Chancellor White: Thank You
The chancellor, who has returned home after an unscheduled hospital stay, wanted to thank the many members of the UCR family who sent him good wishes during the last week.
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UC will Move to Single Payroll System
The University of California has embarked on a plan to deploy a single payroll system and a single human resources system across all 10 campuses and five medical centers.
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Above: Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs James Sandoval was among the first in line to help Scotty Highlander in his attempt to break the hugging record. Below: A student gives it her all while hugging Scotty.
Tight Squeeze
It was a spirited crowd that gathered at the HUB on Feb. 16 at the noon hour to help UCR mascot Scotty Highlander make an attempt at breaking the world record for most hugs in one hour.
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Dean Reza Abbaschian (right) and Dong Hyuk Shin, dean of the College of Engineering at Hanyang University ERICA in South Korea (left) signed a memorandum of understanding.
BCOE, Hanyang University Sign Collaboration Agreement
Bourns College of Engineering Dean Reza Abbaschian and Dong Hyuk Shin, dean of the College of Engineering at Hanyang University ERICA in South Korea, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) Feb. 9 to collaborate on research, student and faculty exchanges and other initiatives.
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Eco-Drivers Save Fuel
Ever wonder how much fuel you can save by avoiding stop-and-go traffic, closing your window, not using air conditioning or coasting toward stops? Research at UC Riverside’s College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) can give you the answers.
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Hoddle on the Red Palm Weevil
Entomologist Mark Hoddle gave an interview to CBS Evening News on Feb. 16 about the red palm weevil, a 1.4-1.6 inch-long insect that can potentially devastate California’s palm trees.
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Model Minority not Perceived as Model Leaders, Study Finds
Asian Americans are widely viewed as “model minorities” on the basis of education, income and competence. But they are perceived as less ideal than Caucasian Americans when it comes to attaining leadership roles in U.S. businesses and board rooms, UCR researchers have found.
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