Name: Toi Thibodeaux

Department: LGBT Resource Center

Job: Program coordinator

Length of employment at UCR: 2 ½ years

My work: I provide one-on-one support and advocacy for students experiencing an array of struggles around identity, life experiences, gender roles, disability, etc. Also, I facilitate discussion groups for the Tuesday Talks Dialogue Series with topics such as Grrrl Talk, Guy Talk, Queer People of Color, Fluidity and occasionally Family and Faith Talk. In addition, I provide Allies Safe Zone training and LGBT 101 presentations for students, staff and faculty. I coordinate the Peer Connections Mentoring Program, which is a benchmark online peer-to-peer support program. However, the main focus of my work is to make myself available as a resource for all students, staff, and faculty to provide educational programming and training that contributes to student success, community-building, and a safe, inclusive campus environment.

Things you should know: I enjoy music, Starbucks lattes, local coffeehouses, painting, writing poetry and hats — yeah I said hats. I listen to all types of music, but my musical heart belongs to Tori Amos. And I love soundtracks. Sometimes you get a wonderful mix of artists. I love to actually buy CDs. Yes, compact discs. I like cover art and liner notes. I find that I often fall in and out of television. So, you never know what I might be watching, but my current vices are “The Good Wife,” “True Blood,” “Dexter,” “Glee” and “Southland.” I am an animal lover and when I refer to my babies or kids I am talking about my two pups. My life is pretty much an open book. I love to have conversations around race, class, privilege and social justice. My motto in life is to keep it real. If you ask me how I am doing I will probably respond with “Hanging in there” or “Good times,” but if there is one thing I want people to know about me it is that I love the daily interactions with our UCR students because they are passionate and full of life and that keeps me going. Do I need to say more?