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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 7, Number 10 | May 25, 2011

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Dallas Rabenstein
UC Riverside’s Provost to Give Four More Years
Rabenstein will continue as EVC through June 2015.
Dallas Rabenstein, a distinguished professor who has served as interim executive vice chancellor and provost for more than two years, has agreed to stay on in a permanent capacity.
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A Mother and Child Reunion
A major rescue operation took place Thursday, May 12, at College Building South.
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Town Hall Meeting to be Held on June 3
Chancellor Timothy P. White will host a Town Hall meeting starting at 12:10 p.m. Friday, June 3 in HUB 302, where he will provide an update on the budget. There is no town hall session in May.
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Commencement: It’s that Time of Year Again
UC Riverside will hold its 57th commencement ceremonies from June 10 through 13, as the university celebrates the achievements of more than 4,400 students who have been approved to graduate this year.
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Francis Carney
Founding Faculty Member Dies
Francis M. Carney, a founding faculty member at UC Riverside and a political strategist, died at his Riverside home on May 9. He was 89. Mr. Carney moved to Riverside in January 1954 and began teaching political science courses when the campus opened the following month. UCR was his home campus during his entire career, but he also taught at the UC campuses of Berkeley, Los Angeles and Santa Cruz.
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Bir Bhanu
Bhanu Receives Adviser Award
Bir Bhanu, a distinguished professor of electrical engineering, will receive this year’s Doctoral Dissertation Adviser/Mentor Award. Each year the Graduate Council and Graduate Division present the award to one or two faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to the training of advanced graduate students.
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Three-pronged Strategy Helps Physicians Help Patients
Physicians can help their patients follow prescribed treatment and achieve healthier results — particularly in chronic disease management — by using a three-pronged strategy developed by a team of researchers led by Robin DiMatteo, distinguished professor of psychology.
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The GEM avocado
South African Company to Market ‘GEM’ Avocados
UCR has signed an exclusive license agreement with Westfalia Fruit Estates, a South African company, to market GEM, an avocado variety developed by campus researchers. According to the agreement signed last month, Westfalia will be UCR’s primary licensee for GEM around the world.
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