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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 8, Number 3 | February 22, 2012

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Leah Takele and the rest of the Highlander Girls cheer at last yearís homecoming celebration.
UC Riverside Selected as a Best Value
The University of California Riverside has been named one of the top 75 best-value public undergraduate schools in the nation, according to a list published this month by The Princeton Review.
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Left to right: Maricela Maldonado, Phillip Soto, Irma Ortiz, Mackenzie Alvarez, Carla De Los Santos, Jesse Benavides, Edward Laguna, Abdullah Madany. Not pictured: Jessamine Quijano.
Fellowships Awarded to Doctoral Students in Sciences, Technology
The University of California, Riverside has awarded nine first-year graduate students an annual stipend of $30,000 for two years to increase underrepresented minority students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at the doctoral level. In addition to the stipend that covers living expenses, each studentís graduate tuition and fees are fully covered.
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John S. Levin
Researcher Finds Nontenure-track Faculty Feel Detached
Full-time, nontenure-track faculty at colleges and universities lack a professional identity and a sense of self worth, according to interviews with these faculty members that formed the basis of a recently published paper co-authored by a University of California, Riverside professor.
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UCR students celebrate homecoming last year.
Catch the Light and the HEAT at UCRís Homecoming
UCR will welcome back its alumni and celebrate its history during Homecoming 2012, which kicks off with a trip to repaint the C on Saturday, Feb. 25 and concludes with the annual Heat Music Festival on Saturday, March 3. In between there will be plenty of chances to celebrate, revisit the classroom or root for UCRís basketball and softball teams.
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Left: Karthikeyani Chellappa (seated) is a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Frances Sladek, a professor of cell biology and toxicologist. Above: Iryna Ethell (left), an associate professor of biomedical sciences, with Crystal Pontrello, a postdoctora
Breakthroughs in Colon Cancer and Alzheimerís Drugs from UCR Labs
An international research team led by cell biologists at UCR has uncovered a new insight into colon cancer, the third-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. The research provides potential new avenues for diagnosing and treating the disease... Biomedical scientists at UCR have identified a new link between a protein called beta-arrestin and short-term memory that could open new doors for the therapeutic treatment of neurological disorders, particularly Alzheimerís disease.
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Crime Stopper: Alert Baseball Player Helps Catch Thieves
UCPD credits a UCR baseball player for helping close a campus burglary investigation. On Feb. 13 a burglary was reported to UCPD by the Department of Athletics of more than $10,000 of equipment stolen from the UCR Baseball locker room at the Sports Complex facility on Blaine Street and Canyon Crest Drive.
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Science Project Explained
The 23rd annual Science and Engineering Fair took place at UC Riverside on Feb. 9. There were hundreds of K-12 students from 33 local schools who participated.
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