“It seems like a terrific idea and one that will get a lot of people excited. But once they start thinking about it, they‘ll see that it’s a flawed idea.”
Mark Hoddle, director of the Center for Invasive Species Research, on introducing predators and herbivores in Australia

“The great achievement of ‘Star Wars’ had been to take a moribund genre in science fiction and restore it to popularity. George Lucas made it look like a high-concept movie by investing in new ideas, technologies and people. Story and imagery have been the stars rather than the actors.”
Toby Miller, professor of media and cultural studies

“The goal of this week is to help heighten awareness of mental health in the African American community and encourage people to put misconceptions and stereotypes to rest.”
Carolyn Murray, professor of psychology, on African American Mental Health Awareness Week at UCR

“Redistricting is forcing people to play musical chairs, so you’ll find experienced congressmen pitted against each other — incumbent versus incumbent — and then there’s the normal churning of term limits which leads others to relocate into new districts to find open seats.”
Shaun Bowler, professor of political science, on the retirement of six California representatives and the redistricting that has occurred

“Since the Standard Model of particle physics is clearly incomplete, and we have all these mysteries (where is all the antimatter, what is dark matter, what is dark energy, how can we reconcile quantum mechanics and relativity), then it is worth looking into these things, just in case.”
David Cassidy, assistant research physicist, on creating antimatter in a lab and seeing how it reacts to gravity

“Our faculty and graduate students enjoy judging the projects, and everybody enjoys talking to the RUSD students and hearing how much enthusiasm they have for their projects and for science.”
Marylynn Yates, dean of CNAS, on the RUSD Science Fair