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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 8, Number 6 | April 11, 2012

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Juan Felipe Herrera reads poetry from his book, “SkateFate” at the HUB last year. See the video at:
Juan Felipe Herrera Named California Poet Laureate
University of California, Riverside poetry professor Juan Felipe Herrera — known for chronicling the bittersweet lives, travails and contributions of Mexican Americans — was named California Poet Laureate by Gov. Jerry Brown on March 21. The two-year appointment must be confirmed by the state Senate.
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Michael Huerta is responsible for the largest aerospace system in the world. (Photo credit: Marty Katz /
UC Riverside Alumnus Nominated as FAA Chief
President Barack Obama has nominated UC Riverside alumnus Michael Huerta to serve as the chief of the Federal Aviation Administration for a five-year term.
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Ariel Dinar (Photo credit: L. Duka)
World Water Day at UCR
Each of us needs to drink two to four liters of water each day. To produce one kilogram of wheat, about 1500 liters of water are needed. But ten times this amount of water are required to produce just one kilogram of beef.
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Kevin McGuire
Kevin McGuire Named Assistant to the Chancellor for the Coachella Valley
Kevin B. McGuire, a longtime banking executive and Coachella Valley resident, has been appointed to the new position of Special Assistant to the Chancellor of UC Riverside for the Coachella Valley.
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Important Information for Faculty and Staff
If your spouse, domestic partner, child or other family member is enrolled in a UC-sponsored health plan, you should have received a packet in the mail asking you to provide documentation that verifies their eligibility for coverage...UC is working to resume payroll deductions for employee contributions to ScholarShare, the California college savings plan, starting with the first full payroll in April. For most employees, this will be the April monthly earnings paid May 1...UCR employees who travel for business or organize meetings will be glad to know that individual employees can now be reimbursed for slightly higher meal expenses, reflecting the expensive reality of catering and restaurant prices.
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Entomologist Alexander Raikhel will lead a team to study how birth control can be introduced in mosquitoes.
It’s New: Birth Control in Mosquitoes
Female mosquitoes require energy for their egg development, which they acquire from vertebrate blood. But by sucking on blood, they become vectors of numerous disease pathogens of human and domestic animals. If the mechanisms that govern their egg production are better understood, novel approaches to controlling the reproduction and population of mosquitoes can be devised.
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Vagelis Hristidis
Using Twitter to Predict Financial Markets, Stocks
A UCR professor and several other researchers have developed a model that uses data from Twitter to help predict the traded volume and value of a stock the following day.
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Improving Surveillance
A UCR professor has recently co-authored a book about his surveillance camera research that has applications in homeland security, environmental monitoring and home monitoring.
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