Public events manager in the Office of Events Management and Protocol is planning the biggest event of her life.

If there was an award for “The World’s Most Romantic Wedding Proposal,” it would probably go to Alyssa Oates and her fiancé.

Oates met her fiancé when they were both undergraduates at UC Santa Barbara. The setting left an indelible impression on the couple. “The ocean has always been a big part of our relationship,” Oates said.

Some important facts: Oates’s all-time favorite animals are dolphins and her fiancée is the third person in his family to carry an esteemed name (So yes, her fiancé, Greedley F. Harris, adds a “III” after his name).

Later, when Oates and her fiancée were at the Santa Monica Pier (no doubt doing something romantic like watching the sunset), three dolphins jumped out of the water a few feet in front of her.

Taking it as a sign, Greedley got on one knee and proposed.

Amid the romance, Oates’s life isn’t just a walk through the water park.

In her third year of employment at UCR, Oates works as a public events manager, planning university events, coordinating catering, making arrangements with vendors and creating venue diagrams.

Some of the big events that she works on include new student convocation, commencement, the Chancellor’s Dinner and the opening of new buildings such as the School of Medicine.

Oates’s schedule is often hectic, but what she most enjoys is putting together venue diagrams, where she designs the aesthetic of rooms. Venue diagrams act as a blueprint of a space and details where tables and chairs are, how they are set up, decorations, and factors such as lighting and multi-media devices.

One job perk? She also gets to taste the food that is served at events. For Oates, who loves to cook, “food tasting is always a plus.”

But the most pressing thing on Oates’s plate is planning her wedding, which is scheduled for April 2013. She hopes to have a Santa Barbara trolley transport the guests from the Redondo Beach ceremony to the reception.

“We want a beach wedding because it has been a part of our relationship,” said Oates.