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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 1, Number 2 | October 12, 2005

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Alumnus and Nobel Laureate Richard R. Schrock
Alumnus Wins Nobel Prize
Schrock will share the world's most prestigious award with two colleagues.
Richard Schrock, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from UCR in 1967, shares the $1.3 million prize and honor with Yves Chauvin of the Institut Français du Pétrole and Caltech's Robert H. Grubbs for the development of a chemical reaction now used daily in the chemical industry for the efficient and more environmentally friendly production of important pharmaceuticals, fuels, synthetic fibers and many other products.
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UCR Research Funding Sets Record at More Than $109 Million
Increased funding strengthens support for nanoscience, training science teachers
UC Riverside researchers received $109.8 million in sponsored awards in 2004-05, a record amount that reflects the growing stature of the university as a world-class academic research center.
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New Faculty Join UCR in 2005-06
Twenty-six new faculty members bring a range of expertise to UCR.
The new hires include four new faculty members for the College of Engineering, nine faculty members for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and 12 faculty members for the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences.
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State Sen. Jackie Speier and Chancellor France Córdova during the recent hearing at UCR.
State Senator at UCR Says that Pay Does Matter
State Sen. Jackie Speier, (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) had a message for the University of California at an Oct. 5 informational hearing held at UC Riverside. It was one of five hearings on issues within the UC held throughout the state.
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Letter from the Chancellor
Thank you for campus support of Katrina Relief Efforts
Dear campus community, I would like to thank our campus community for its outpouring of support to the people affected by Hurricane Katrina, especially to our colleagues who put together and participated in the campus relief drive on Sept. 29 and 30.
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Fund Raiser to Help Stricken UCR Arborist Grows Beyond Expectations
Friends pitch in to help colleague.
More than 350 people, mostly from physical plant, raised $4,200 for Richard Bado, a tree trimmer and arborist at UCR who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in June. The proceeds from two fund-raising barbecues held Sept. 14 will help Bado’s family pay for unexpected expenses while he is on disability leave from UCR.
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Ringing in the Rain
The second annual Carillon fund raiser included an impromptu light show by Mother Nature.
The Friends of the Carillon hosted the second annual dinner and concert fundraiser at UCR Sept. 19, and were rewarded with $4,615 in donations, along with a light show courtesy of Mother Nature.
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