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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 2, Issue 16 | October 25, 2006

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Health Coverage Will be a Mixed Bag
While coverage levels for the upcoming year will remain generous, costs will increase.
It’s going to be a good-news, bad-news story for health coverage at the University of California in 2007. And with open enrollment coming Nov. 1 through Nov. 21, that means campus employees will need to take a fresh look their health care coverage and needs, according to Ashley Panthera, assistant vice chancellor for human resources at UCR.
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Campus to Double Child Care Center Space
Expansion is part of the plan to create a more family-friendly environment at UCR
Almost from the day it opened in 1996, staff members at UCR’s Child Development Center were forced to tell many anxious parents of pre-school children that there was no room at the inn. With space for only 144 children to offer the families of students, faculty and staff, the average wait has been more than two years.
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Genomics Building rendering
Construction Zone Notes
The Genomics building, which had its ground breaking ceremony Oct. 18 at Citrus and Eucalyptus drives, will house the Institute for Integrative Genome Biology, which includes the Center for Plant Cell Biology, the Biotechnology Impacts Center and the Center for Disease-Vector Research.
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New Faculty at UCR Broadens the Range of Academic Expertise
The new Eminent Scholars Program brings a world-class immunologist to UCR.
UCR has recruited a stellar cast of new faculty members for 2006-07 and one important vehicle to attract them is the year-old Eminent Scholars Program. Funded by the Office of the Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor the Eminent Scholars Program has delivered world-class immunologist David Lo to UCR.
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UCR Libraries Move Up in National Rankings
Quality libraries are an important part of the mosaic of a high-quality educational institution.
Keeping up with the neighbors isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just ask University Librarian Ruth Jackson about UCR’s recent move upward in the Association of Research Libraries’ (ARL) annual index, comparing member research libraries against each other. UCR ranked 93 on ARL’s annual index, a five-point jump over the last two years, and a notable feat for any institution.
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UCR In the Community
UCR In the Community
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Physics is Hot with Grad Students
More than 30 new graduate students have joined the department.
If you measure the popularity and success of an academic department by the number of young researchers wanting to join it, then UCR’s Department of Physics and Astronomy is the hot ticket.
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Girls Scouts get the Mars Rover experience at last year’s Space Science & Engineering Day. Scientists and engineers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena bring a variety of fun displays and the Mars Rover is one of the most popular, for obviou
Be a Rocket Scientist for a Day, or At Least Meet One
The 3rd Annual Space, Science and Engineering Day offers tons of science fun for kids.
Watch Mars rovers race, bake solar cookies or make your very own Alka Seltzer rocket at UCR’s 3rd Annual Space, Science and Engineering Day, Sunday Oct. 29.
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Mending Leadership’s Bruised Image
UC Riverside hosts a leadership conference open to the campus community.
Be it crooked CEOs, cheating sports champions or creepy Congressmen, leadership has taken a beating lately. Americans are critical of the state of leadership, according to surveys commissioned by U.S. News & World Report and Harvard University’s Center for Public Leadership.
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Photo by Michael Elderman
A New Home for the Genomics Program
From left: Natasha Raikhel and UCR Chancellor France A. Córdova unveil an artist’s renderings of the new Genomics Building and future home for the Institute for Integrative Genome Biology at an Oct. 18 ground breaking ceremony.
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