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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 3, Issue 18 | November 22, 2006

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“A Giant Leap Forward”
UCR’s Medical School proposal gets a shot in the arm.
"Report E is adopted." With those words and the bang of his gavel, Regents Chairman Gerald Parsky signaled that UCR had initial approval for its long-sought medical school. The regents Nov. 16 voted unanimously to allow UCR to move forward with planning for a School of Medicine.
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Smart Classrooms: Beam Me Up
It's not quite the bridge on a Star Trek spaceship yet, but, as Captain Picard might say, perhaps on its way to "make it so." Seventy classrooms on campus were recently given the kind of techno-makeover that allows interactive learning to take place at warp speed. Called "smart classrooms," these teaching facilities now feature a broad range of presentation equipment and Internet access.
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Mike Miller with some of his handcrafted creations.
Carving out Appreciation
Mike Miller, assistant vice chancellor of facilities, creates handmade tokens of the university's appreciation for donors.
Every university should have a fairy godparent. Mike Miller is UCR's. Since 1989, Miller, who is assistant vice chancellor of facilities, has designed and created handmade tokens of the university's appreciation for donors like the Sweeneys and the Andersons and luminaries including Gerald Ford, Margaret Thatcher and Colin Powell. He has done this free of charge and very much behind the scenes.
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Capital Planning Forums Provide Updates
Gretchen S. Bolar, vice chancellor of academic planning and budget, and Al Diaz, vice chancellor of administration, will host a series of capital program forums designed to provide the UCR campus community with updates regarding capital program developments.
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Give a Little Holiday (Pocket) Jingle
Staff Assembly is collecting coins to purchase gift cards for needy UCR families.
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Future Alumni and Visitors Center
Construction Zone Notes
Alumni and Visitors Center
Who will use it: The Alumni and Visitors Center will serve as a "front door" to the campus. It is designed to be used by alumni, campus and community members, and prospective students and their families. It will also house staff from Alumni and Constituent Relations.
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