"There may be some details that vary and it may vary from area to area. What doesn't change is the big picture. That fabric remains the same today. That's powerful stuff."
Clifford Trafzer, professor of history at UCR, on the histories of Native American creation stories.

". . .arguably it's nice to see a man wearing a tight white tee-shirt, tight blue jeans with a bit of stubble and a bit of beer on his breath who's just staggered out of bed. Given all the effort women make to look OK, it seems only fair that men should have to go through something approximating that level."
Toby Miller, professor of English, sociology and women's studies at UCR, on the emergence of masculine grooming within society.

"We're trying to put all the negatives behind us. We're trying to come together and get stronger from tragedy. We'll keep moving. Every game we're trying to get better. That's our focus."
Vonn Webb, men's basketball interim coach, on the Highlanders' perseverance to succeed and grow, despite the loss of teammate Mark Hall, who was killed in an auto accident in September.

"In pest management, we have to think about more than one pest. Using a control strategy for one thing and letting another go doesn't save money, it produces problems."
Robert F. Luck, professor of entomology at UCR, on the delicate balance needed in pest control to ensure the least amount of damage and the lowest possible populations of all pests.
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