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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 3, Issue 3 | February 14, 2007

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Preliminary designs
The signage program reflects the new UCR logo, seal and colors.
A Banner Campus
A new signage program is designed to help newcomers find their way around UCR.
UC Riverside is a big campus and it’s not always easy to remember which building is Sproul Hall and which is Spieth Hall. So imagine how someone who isn’t familiar with the campus must feel. The campus is on the verge of installing some large and attractive signs, along with new lights, to help people find their way around quickly and conveniently, whether they are here for their first class or their first orchestra concert.
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UCR Teaching Has Legs
Thomas Perring and Michael Erickson honored as this year’s Teaching Innovation Award recipients.
Sometimes, good teaching has legs. Not just legs, as in a lasting impact. But literal legs, as in creepy crawlies. Faculty members gingerly passed around a millipede and a tarantula as Thomas Perring, professor of entomology, showed off one of his favorite teaching tools for his classes.
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Norm Ellstrand and Tracy Kahn both work for the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences. They have laboratories right down the hall 
from each other.
UCR in Love
Lots of couples work at UCR . Here are a few of their stories.
It’s a tale of love in the lab. Tracy Kahn was a graduate student when she met then-assistant professor Norm Ellstrand. As she recalls things, they got to know each other during large group outings after long days in the lab. But it was really a sink full of dirty dishes at a Thanksgiving potluck that added a spark to the relationship.
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An Opportunity to Help
Each year, several faculty and staff members, or a member of their immediate family, experience an injury or catastrophic illness that keeps them from working here at UCR. The result is an added financial burden that makes an already desperate situation even worse.
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Training Offered on Using Podcasts in the Classroom
Technology is gradually enhancing the classroom experience at UCR. And now that technology includes podcasts – downloadable files available on an MP3 player or a computer with an Internet connection. To help faculty use that podcasting in their classroom, the Office of Computing and Communications is holding a 90-minute workshop, titled “Podcasting – Enhancing the Student Learning Experience.”
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The Altix 4700 supercomputer.
UC Riverside Officials Inaugurate High-Powered Supercomputer
The Altix 4700 will supercharge the pace of future research at UCR.
UCR administrators, professors, students and leaders with the Silicon Valley company SGI inaugurated the campus’ newest addition on Feb. 2. The Altix 4700 supercomputer is expected to boost research in engineering, bioinformatics and computer science. As speakers extolled the virtues of the supercomputer – its capacity to boost high-end computing and data analysis by up to 1,000 times – to an audience of about 70 who were mostly engineers and engineering students, the refrigerator-size Altix 4700 whirred away in a mostly empty, bone-chilling room several doors away.
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