Name: Jeff Kraus

Department: Governmental & Community Relations and Technology Collaborations

Job: Director of Community Relations

Length of Employment at UCR: Started September 2006

My work focuses on: Building relationships with the community and local governments. It is a mix of providing feedback to UCR regarding concerns and issues with the community, providing news and information about UCR to the community and working to solve problems of mutual concern. I work with area governments, community and neighborhood groups, alumni, chambers of commerce and individuals. In addition, I coordinate UCR/community groups such as CUC and Affiliates of UCR.

Things you should know: I am an alumnus of UCR and resident of the neighborhood for over 20 years, so I bring a perspective to this position that can most certainly identify with concerns and issues of both UCR and the community. When not attending community meetings or events on behalf of UCR, I can be found walking Mount Rubidoux, cooking up a delicacy, attending a concert or baseball game, or just relaxing at home listening to the blues.