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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 3, Number 19 | December 5, 2007

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Henry Snyder receives congratulations from President George Bush at the White House.
Snyder Wins National Humanities Medal
Henry Snyder, director of the Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research and a tireless advocate of preserving and cataloging California’s historical newspapers, received a National Humanities Medal in a ceremony at the White House on Nov. 15.
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Jose Sanchez ponders the beverage choices in a vending machine in the Rivera Library.
Quenching the Thirst for Learning, Feeding the Hunger for a Snack
New policy allows students to partake in light snacks and spill-safe drinks while studying in the campus libraries.
ooks? Check. Lattes? Check. Cookies? Check. Tacos, pizza and soup? Check them at the door. For students and faculty visiting the Tomás Rivera and Science libraries, the checklist of necessities for a successful study session just got longer, thanks to a new food policy.
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New Graduate Program Focuses on Environment
The Department of Earth Sciences recently launched Global Climate and Environmental Change, a new graduate program at UCR.
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A Green University Thumbs Up
Sierra Magazine named its Top 10 “Coolest Schools” in the November/December issue with the University of California system landing the No. 4 spot. All 10 campuses under the UC System are acknowledged in the ranking, including UCR, for efforts to stop global warming.
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Martin Luther King Boulevard Freeway Interchange Opens
UCR commuters on the 60/215 freeway will get a little relief this week with the completion of a new interchange at Martin Luther King Boulevard. The newly completed construction includes on- and off-ramps for both southbound and northbound traffic. Before construction began more than a year ago, the Martin Luther King Boulevard only had a southbound on ramp to the 60/215 freeway.
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Staff Assembly President Adrienne Sims was the UCR escort to staff advisers Bill Johansen and Lynda Brewer.
Staff Advisers to the Regents Visit UCR
Lynda Brewer and Bill Johansen, staff advisers to the UC Board of Regents, paid a visit to UCR in November to ask what kinds of messages they should carry to the board that sets policy for the 10-campus system.
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Acting Chancellor Robert Grey speaks with Pedro J. Marenco, the first recipient of the Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship for Cultivating Diversity in Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Outreach, Increasing Diversity Among Goals for First Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow
Pedro J. Marenco, the first recipient of the Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship for Cultivating Diversity in Science, Engineering and Mathematics, recently received some words of wisdom from Acting Chancellor Robert Grey.
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