Name: Eve Kent

Department: Transportation and Parking Services

Job: Alternative Transportation Coordinator

Length of employment at UCR: Started in February 2001

My work focuses on: Informing the campus community about the commute options available at UCR. I assist the alternative transportation (AT) manager with outreach efforts – such as information tables, bicycle licensing booths and vanpool route planning – and provide the administrative support for the AT programs.

Things you should know: I am a native Californian, married with two grown children. My older son is a UCR alumnus, teaching high school social science in La Quinta. My younger son is continuing to pursue his degree in environmental engineering after a “break” to serve in the U.S. Army Reserves during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I began studying Tai Chi Chuan a year ago and enjoy wonderful health benefits from the practice. My greatest joy is a simple day at home, relaxing with my family and my four-legged “children” – a pack of four dogs and four cats. Yup, they all get along just fine!