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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 4, Number 8 | April 23, 2008

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UCR Botanic Gardens in Bloom
It’s spring and the UCR Botanic Gardens is alive with colorful blooms.
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Moving Forward on Staff Climate
Since the beginning of this academic year, every new employee and every exiting employee has had an opportunity to respond to an anonymous survey about their experiences on the job. The results will be shared with supervisors to illustrate strengths and weaknesses of a particular department or unit on campus. “This is one of several recommendations that came out of the Staff Climate Survey efforts that started in 2007,” said Marilyn Voce, assistant vice chancellor of human resources.
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“There’s great imagination in science fiction literature and respect for the reader,” said Melissa Conway, Eaton Conference organizer, holding items the Chronicling Mars Collection.
Eaton Conference Explores Mars, Science Fiction
The Eaton conference returns to the campus after nearly a decade of being held elsewhere.
Science fiction icons Ray Bradbury and Frederick Pohl, as well as other science fiction authors and international scholars, will explore the role of Mars in science fiction literature in the Eaton Science Fiction Conference May 16-18. Other celebrated science fiction authors on the program include Gregory Bear, Gregory Benford, David Brin, Howard Hendrix, Geoffrey Landis, Larry Niven and Kim Stanley Robinson.
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Library Asks Campus to Rate Services
A UCR Libraries survey e-mailed to faculty and staff this month will help library staff identify user needs and practices. Surveys are due May 1. The LibQUAL survey, which takes approximately 12 minutes to complete, asks participants to rate their satisfaction with the quality of services, facilities, accessibility and resources available in print and electronically.
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Campus Augments Emergency Readiness
Violence at other universities, such as the shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, has offered lessons for all universities about how to best prepare to keep the campus community safe in a crisis. “I assure you UC Riverside is devoting major attention to those lessons,” Acting Chancellor Robert D. Grey wrote in a message to the campus community. “We have taken significant steps to evaluate and develop UC Riverside’s preparedness for such emergencies as natural disasters, pandemic disease, and an active shooter or bomb threat situation.”
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Forrest Mosten
Conflict, Peacemaking Subject of Lecture Series
Forrest S. (Woody) Mosten, an internationally known mediator and advocate of conflict resolution methods to settle disputes, will speak at UCR on Wednesday, May 7, at 5:30 p.m. in the Alumni and Visitors Center. Mosten will discuss “Conflict and Peacemaking: From Kindergarten to the Middle East” in the first lecture of what will become an annual event, the Forrest S. Mosten Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies Lectureship.
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Lecturer in AGSM Pledges Scholarship Funds
The A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management has received a substantial pledge from Sheldon Richman, a lecturer of accounting, for $50,000, to be paid over a several-year period. This will be matched each year by the Deloitte Foundation, bringing it to a total of $100,000. The gift will be used to fund a four-year commitment to an entering freshman in pre-business each year, starting in the fall of 2008. Award recipients will receive $1,000 every year over their four years at UCR, as long as they maintain their grades and continue progress toward a degree in business with an emphasis in accounting.
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Exploring Space and Engineering at UCR
Approximately 400 Girl Scouts and other children from the community attended Bourns Space Science and Engineering Day on April 12. The UCR chapter of the Society of Women Engineers presented the free, hands-on space science and engineering event, with highlights that included question-and-answer sessions by Astronaut Alvin Drew and NASA Planetary Scientist Jennifer Heldmann.
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