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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 4, Number 9 | May 28, 2008

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Top: Chancellor-designate White speaks with Anthony Norman, newly elected chair of the Academic Senate. Middle: Karen White waves to faculty and staff during the May 15 welcoming ceremony. Bottom: Jessica Darin, Corinna Corpuz, Jessica Kump, all staff mem
Timothy P. White: UCR Chancellor Post “An Amazing Privilege”
Timothy P. White, who will start by Sept. 1 as UCR’s next chancellor, studies the way the vitality of the human body is directly connected to the pumping of the muscles and the blood. The same is true of a great university, he said.
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Tom Cogswell’s term as chair of the Academic Senate will end Aug. 31.
Hard Work, Quick Wit Mark Tom Cogswell’s Term
Tom Cogswell was mid-way into his two-year term as chair of the UCR Academic Senate when the proposed medical school curriculum was delivered for review. Cogswell, a former chair of the Department of History, mobilized more than 100 colleagues on a dozen Senate committees to tackle what proved to be an immense logistical task in a very tight timeframe.
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Anthony Norman
Norman Elected Next Chair of the Academic Senate
Anthony Norman, a distinguished professor of biochemistry and biomedical sciences, and Presidential Chair in Biochemistry-Emeritus, has been elected chair of UCR’s Academic Senate, for 2008-10. His term will begin Sept. 1.
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Chris Abani
Abani Receives PEN Award for Latest Novel
Christopher Abani, professor of creative writing, has won a PEN/Beyond Margins Award for his novel, “Song for Night.” The award celebrates outstanding books by writers of color published in the United States during the previous year. It is sponsored by the PEN Open Book Program, which encourages racial and ethnic diversity within the literary and publishing communities.
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Above: Cindi Smith; Below: Smith with young church members who visited Washington, D.C. as part of a service project.
Above and Beyond
As a child, Cindi Smith spent most Thanksgiving holidays serving food at the Salvation Army or other charities. There was never any question. Helping others was simply expected.
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