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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 5, Number 11 | June 10, 2009

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Furloughs, Pay Reductions, Program Cuts, Layoffs Needed to Close Budget Gap
“There are more questions than answers” said Chancellor White of how the campus will deal with additional budget cuts .“There are more questions than answers” said Chancellor White of how the campus will deal with additional budget cuts .
UCR’s budget problems for the fiscal year starting July 1 have doubled in the last month, necessitating furloughs, layoffs and pay cuts to achieve up to $40 million in annual savings instead of the $19 million thought last month.
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Recipients Named for 2009 Advisor, Mentor Awards
Wendy Ashmore, professor of anthropology, and R. Robert Russell, distinguished professor of economics, have won the 2009 Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentor Awards. The award was instituted by the Graduate Council and Graduate Division to recognize UCR faculty who have made outstanding contributions to the training of advanced graduate students, said Joseph Childers, dean of the Graduate Division.
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Colleagues, Family and Friends Remember Elliott
Professor Emory Elliott was called a guardian angel and a father figure, a shining star, a facilitator, a benefactor and an ambassador of decency at a memorial in his honor on Monday, June 1 in the University Theatre. Elliott, who died at home on March 31 at the age of 66, was an influential distinguished professor of English who came to UCR from Princeton University 20 years ago.
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Genomics Building Gets Go-ahead
It was so close, yet so far away. As a result of the state suspension of bond funds, work on the nearly completed Genomics building, along with five other construction projects on campus came to a halt.
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Survey Finds Californians Like System
California voters favor retaining the two-thirds supermajority requirement for passing budgets and using the initiative process to decide budget matters, according to a May survey by UCR political science students. Voters oppose laying off teachers to solve the budget crisis, however, and blame the Legislature more than Gov. Schwarzenegger for the current deficit, according to the survey.
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Pipe Major Mike Terry, musical instructor Ian Whitelaw, piper Eric Ragsdale, and drummer William Terry display the first-place award the UCR Pipe Band won for timed medley march on May 24 in Costa Mesa.
“Big Blue Machine” Pipe Band Continues Winning Season
The UCR Pipe Band continued its winning season with first-place finishes at competitions in Costa Mesa and Sacramento. Several band members also won individual honors at the spring events. At the United Scottish Society Highland Gathering in Costa Mesa, the band was third overall in Grade 4 competition on May 23 and first on May 24.
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