Name: John Maxwell

Department: Athletics

Job: Assistant athletics director, media relations

Length of employment at UCR: 18 months

My work focuses on: Publicizing all 17 of UCR’s Division I athletics programs. The largest piece of the publicity puzzle is probably the updating of our new Web site, My assistant, Lauren Kane, and I are responsible for creating all of the content contained therein. When visiting the site you can read pre-game and post-game stories, listen to live audio broadcasts, view live stats of games in progress, peruse athlete bios and learn about our rich athletics history. We also are responsible for working with local, regional and national media to get the word out about UCR Athletics; designing all of our media guides and publications; and acting as the historical caretaker of all athletics-related information and media.

Things you should know: My 18-year-old cat’s name is MeatLoaf ... named after the singer not the food. She’s a “cat out of hell,” get it? Had David Lee Roth not reunited with Van Halen when he did in 2007, I would almost assuredly not be employed by UC Riverside. Ask me about it sometime. I worked in the NBA and WNBA for 11 years in Charlotte, New York and Detroit, and I have a 2006 WNBA Championship ring thanks to the likes of Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, Swin Cash and Katie Smith. I could eat sushi every meal every day. There are no such things as bad horror movies, only better horror movies. 1980s-era spandex and mullet haircuts will come back in style one of these days, and I am prepared for that inevitability. You should be too.