Name: Marsha Tolson

Department: Campus Health Center

Job: Administrative Assistant III in the student health insurance office

Length of employment at UCR: 13 years.

My work focuses on: I am the student/patient liaison and lead insurance assistant for the student health insurance plan. I assist students with their insurance questions and sometimes difficult billing problems. I help them understand their policy and make sure that the policy protocol is adhered to so they not only receive the maximum benefit but have their claims paid in a timely manner. I also assist students with referrals to off-campus providers and sometimes help them with scheduling appointments.

Things you should know: I have been married for 27 years and have two grown children. I now have an empty nest and it is very strange and quiet. I guess it is my turn, right? Outside of work, I love to camp and I enjoy anything to do with water. My husband and I recently purchased a Harley so we have been enjoying some weekend trips with friends. I guess I am now an official Harley Mama! No tattoos.