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News for Faculty and Staff of the University of California, Riverside | Volume 6, Number 12 | June 23, 2010

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New Staff Assembly President: All UCR, All the Time
Scott Silverman takes his job seriously. That’s why he spends so many workdays wearing blue and gold face paint and a tartan kilt. UCR buttons, posters, slogans and photos take over his workspace in an office in the Highlander Union Building. Silverman is the Staff Assembly president for 2010-11. It is, he says, his latest opportunity to be a dynamic member of the UCR community. He’s the kind of guy who throws himself into whatever he is doing. While earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in environmental sciences at UCR, Silverman held positions of leadership with both ASUCR and the Graduate Student Association. He was involved in several campus clubs and organizations, and was a teaching assistant. As coordinator of orientation programs, he enthusiastically shares his pride with newly admitted freshmen.
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Greg Kund with players Briana Fonseca, Sami Vessels, Brooke Honcharik and Summer Addink.
Staffer’s Community Service Takes Him to the World Cup
Greg Kund, a UC Riverside staff research associate and a coach for a local club soccer team, left for South Africa on June 13 along with four Riverside-area players to attend a soccer camp being held in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup Tournament. Kund and the members of his Riverside Matrix Football Club were among eight teens and two coaches from the United States who were chosen to travel to TUKS Village at the University of Pretoria to receive professional soccer training from June 15 through 20.
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Left top and bottom: Students celebrate the big day. Right: Tavis Smiley was the keynote speaker at the Saturday morning CHASS ceremony.
Thousands of graduates, family and friends filled the Pierce Hall lawn under overcast skies for UCR’s 56th annual commencement ceremonies. Approximately 3,300 students participated in seven commencement ceremonies held between Friday, June 11 and Monday, June 14.
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The Strategic Plan Takes the Next Step
Faculty and staff are being asked to take a look at the draft of the plan and submit comments
The third and near-final draft of UCR’s strategic plan is available for review and comment, and then it will be implemented. “We’re not putting it on a shelf,” Chancellor Timothy P. White said in a town hall meeting on June 3. “On July 1, talk becomes action. In September I will take it to regents and speak about it. I want to thank everyone who has been involved in making this an important document for the future of this institution.”
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Korean-American entrepreneur Jay Kim signs the gift agreement.
Gift Will Support Korean-American Studies, Center
Korean-American entrepreneur Jay Kim signed a gift agreement on June 2 that brings his total contributions and pledges to the Young-Oak Kim Center for Korean American Studies to $150,000. He also has stated that it is his intention ultimately to provide $250,000 to the center. Kim, president of Costar International Enterprises Inc. and Costar Group Inc., is the father of a UCR business major.
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The Economic Meltdown: Why?
The meltdown of U.S. and global financial markets that began with the collapse of Lehman Brothers investment bank in September 2008 was not caused by a perfect storm of random market developments or the failure of economic models to account for outlier market conditions, as some economists have argued. Rather, it was the result of pervasive regulatory failures and failed policies that enriched and empowered a financial sector which, freed of policies designed to prevent another Great Depression, engaged in reckless and predatory behavior, John W. Cioffi, an assistant professor of political science and an expert on regulation and regulatory politics, contends in a paper, “The Global Financial Crisis: Conflicts of Interest, Regulatory Failures, and Politics,” published in the current issue of UCR’s quarterly journal, Policy Matters.
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Studying the Democracy of Town Hall Meetings
Kevin Esterling, associate professor of political science, will participate in what is believed to be the largest experiment in deliberative democracy ever when the nonpartisan America Speaks convenes simultaneous town hall meetings across the country and online on June 26.
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Carrying a Torch for a Good Cause
UCPD officers recently took part in one leg of the Special Olympics Southern California Torch Run. The officers picked up the torch from a representative of the California Highway Patrol at the campus entrance and passed it off near the Canyon Crest Shopping Center to representatives of the FBI. From left to right are Aman Kidane (holding the torch), Yvonne Hoffert, Jason Day, James Wright, John Enriquez and Jessie Orona. Running but not visible is Seth Morrison.
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